Technology Support and Resources this Fall


By Annelie Rugg on September 21, 2021


Welcome back to campus, everyone! We are pleased to provide nearly all of our technology services this fall, and want to summarize the key ones for you here. Questions? Email

Instructional support is available 9am–4pm daily via email or Zoom, either drop-in or by appointment.

Email for instructional support: This includes requests for both on-campus and remote support.

Drop-in instructional support via Zoom:

Computing support is available 8am-5pm daily, both on campus and remotely. Your DTA will be available either on campus or remotely on a FlexWork schedule. We recommend making an appointment with your DTA, where possible.

Email for computing support:

The Learning Lab @ Rolfe (room 2118) will be open by reservation and for drop-in use. During open hours, there will be at least one staff member present for support. 

Drop-in lab hours: 9am-5pm daily (except when reserved for other use).

Capacity limitation: 50 persons

Studio H for media production (video, audio recording) will be available only by reservation and only for fall quarter, as the Public Affairs Building will be undergoing seismic renovations beginning in mid-December 2021.

HumTech offices and meeting spaces in the Public Affairs Building will be available on a very limited basis, if at all, to anyone outside our staff. When staff are working in their offices they may make appointments to meet you there, where needed. Otherwise, we anticipate hosting meetings over Zoom to accommodate both on-campus and remote participants, and because of the pending seismic renovation in Public Affairs Building, for much of 2021-22.

About the Author

Annelie Rugg is the Director and Humanities CIO at UCLA Humanities Technology (HumTech), where she oversees the people, projects and partnerships at HumTech. She has always been involved in leveraging technology for teaching and learning, especially in the foreign language classroom. More recently, she has been engaged in capacity building for digital projects in the humanities and digital humanities. And getting more people out of their cars and onto their bikes for locomotion around sunny LA!