(QB)² - Release Notes

This page includes detailed information about production releases of (QB)² that affect the user interface.

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5.1.2 Release Notes

October 14, 2021

Moodle Backup Import [Beta]

Course backups can now be imported as XML files and turned into Google Document files. More info can be found here: https://humtech.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/IP/pages/17727502/QB+-+User+Documentation#Moodle-Backup-Import

Canvas Export - Dragdrop Questions Can Be Exported as MissingWord

Dragdrop isn’t yet supported by (QB)², but can be exported as MissingWord questions.

5.1.1 Release Notes

May 14, 2021

Category List Dropdown Alphabetized

For ease of use when selecting a category while adding a guided question, the dropdown menu is now alphabetized.

5.1.0 Release Notes

May 11, 2021

Canvas Export [Beta]

(QB)² now supports Canvas Export for all question types other than Dragdrop and Cloze. In order to export a spreadsheet as a Canvas Quiz (QTI XML), go to “Add-ons > (QB)² - Question Bank Quick Builder > Export To… > QTI XML (Canvas) [BETA]”, which will export the quiz contents as a .Zip file. More info on how to import the quiz into Canvas here: https://humtech.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/IP/pages/17727502/QB+-+User+Documentation#Canvas-(QTI-XML)-Export.

Features that currently aren’t supported in Canvas Export

  • Question Types

    • Dragdrop

    • Cloze

  • Feedback (Automatically stripped on export)

  • The poodllrecording question type is replaced by the essay question type.

    • This is because the essay question type gives the student the option to submit a voice recording with or in place of a written response.

4.2.0 Release Notes

August 11, 2020

MultiAnswer question type support:

(QB)² now supports MultiAnswer! MultiAnswer is very similar to MultiChoice, the only difference is that the student can select more than one correct answer. To create a MultiAnswer question type, you would follow the same steps to create a MultiChoice question type, but when setting answer values, the total values needs to add up to 100.

  • Be sure to run spreadsheet setup to update your sheet to accommodate this new question type. Your Question Bank and Categories will still be preserved.

Cloze question double square bracket:

Cloze question previously only supported answer options to be set between carets, ex: ^Paris, London, Amsterdam^. We have now added support for double brackets as well, ex: [[Paris, London, Amsterdam]]. An advanced setting has also been added to import.


4.0.0 Release Notes

June 11, 2020

Import from XML:

(QB)² enables users to take existing Moodle XML files within their Google Drive and import the questions into a question bank spreadsheet. This allows for the easier editing, repurposing, and moving of questions already created within Moodle.

You can access this feature by going to "Add-ons > (QB)² - Question Bank Quick Builder > Import from XML". An interface will appear on the right side of your spreadsheet.

Clicking the "Import" button within this interface will open a file picker, allowing you to choose the desired XML file.

After you select the file, (QB)² will add the questions to your current sheet.

3.0.0 Release Notes

May 19, 2020

Add Questions (guided):

(QB)² provides an interface for users to add questions to their question bank. This allows users to create questions in a format more closely resembling Moodle or a pen-and-paper exam.

You can open this interface by going to "Add-ons > (QB)² - Question Bank Quick Builder > Add Questions (guided)". The interface will appear on the right side of your spreadsheet.

Within the interface, users may choose a question type, a category, and enter the question information. Clicking Add will insert the question into the spreadsheet and ready the interface for a new question.

2.0.0 Release Notes

March 13, 2020

Answer specific feedback:

(QB)² supports adding answer-level feedback for truefalse, multichoice, and shortanswer type questions to the XML file. This allows students to get feedback based on which answer they chose.

To add feedback for an answer, you incorporate it into the answer column after the answer text by adding [FEEDBACK] followed by the feedback text.

Example: “San Francisco is the capital of California [FEEDBACK] Please review chapter 5”

Feedback is automatically exported if it is present, so there is no need to do anything further.

Auto generating spreadsheet template

You can set up the spreadsheet with the blank template automatically by going to "Add-ons > (QB)² - Question Bank Quick Builder > Set up (QB)2 spreadsheet". This will create all sheets necessary for (QB)2.


1.4.0 Release Notes

January 31, 2020

Added a Reset option in the menu to reset / clear the spreadsheet:

In order to clear the spreadsheet as well as reset any gray cells, a new feature Reset has been added to the menu.


1.3.0 Release Notes

January 2, 2020

Grey out unused cells per question type:

To make the sheet more user friendly, the cells now grey out any unused cells per question type to reduce confusion on what needs to be filled out.

Added error handling when user doesn't have export write permissions to spreadsheet owner’s drive:

A perk of using a spreadsheet is that it is easily sharable for edit. Once the user is done editing and wants to export, the exported XML file is saved in the same location/folder the spreadsheet is located. But what happens if this spreadsheet belongs to someone else and is shared with you? This new update saves the exported XML to your root directory in your drive.


1.2.1 Release Notes

November 13, 2019

When True/False question type is selected:

Previously, when the True/False question type was selected, the user needed to manually type in TRUE and FALSE in the appropriate cells. We have changed this to auto populate the answer fields to avoid confusion. We also only have the dropdown arrows for the answer values appear only for the two answer options.