(QB)² - Change Log

Version Release 5.1.2

Released on: 10/14/2021

UI Changes

  • Canvas Export Dragdrop Now Supported

  • Added Moodle Backup Import [Beta]

Version Release 5.1.1

Released on: 5/14/2021

UI Changes

  • Alphabetized category dropdown list

Version Release 5.1.0

Released on: 5/11/2021

UI Changes

  • Added Canvas Export [Beta]

Version Release 5.0.0

Released on: 4/20/2021

UI Changes

  • New menu layout

  • Export to PDF and DOC available

  • Import and export options now in their own options menu item

  • Category input available when using Add Questions (guided) feature

  • Tagging media in question upon import

  • Error message appears when importing an unsupported question type

Other Changes

  • Fix issue with overwriting xml when owner is not current user

  • Fix issue of empty question being exported

Version Release 4.2.1

Released on: 11/17/2020

UI Changes

  • Menu only shows “Set up (QB)2 spreadsheet” when spreadsheet is not set up

  • Prevent users from clicking import while current import is ongoing

  • Convert [VIDEO] tags back to Kaltura links for export

  • Got rid of QuestionOptions sheet

Other Changes

  • Replace CacheService Calls with PropertiesService

  • Prevent import from adding an extra column when not necessary

  • Fix bug for importing Kaltura video

Version Release 4.2.0

Released on: 8/11/2020

UI Changes

  • MultiAnswer question type support for question creation, import, and export

  • Matching question type in Add Questions (guided) sidebar has updated UI

  • Cloze question type now also supports double square brackets for question creation, import, and export

  • Updated main Add Questions (guided) sidebar layout

  • Import Errors sheet size changed to 1 column and red header

Other Changes

  • Warning when changing/adding unsupported question types in the QuestionTypes Sheet

  • Fixed X action on reset spreadsheet popup

  • Added warning to better handle validation from questions sidebar

  • Code refactoring

More details available in 4.2.0 Release Notes

Version Release 4.1.0

Released on: 7/1/2020

UI Changes

  • Preserves Kaltura video tags upon import from XML (ucla specific)

  • Offline Spreadsheet now available (documentation can be found in (QB)² menu)

Version Release 4.0.0

Released on: 6/11/2020

UI Changes

  • Added feature allowing import of existing Moodle XML files into (QB)².

  • Added feature to export allowing disabling the shuffling of answers within Moodle.

  • Enabled Cloze questions to be marked using either the caret character (^ … ^) or a pair of square brackets ([[ … ]]).

Other Changes

  • Set up spreadsheet no longer crashes when an existing sheet has too few columns.

  • Slightly improved runtime of “Add Questions (guided)” feature.

More details available in 4.0.0 Release Notes

Version Release 3.0.0

Released on: 5/19/2020

UI Changes

  • Added feature to guide users through adding questions.

Other Changes

  • More error handling

  • Code refactor

More details available in 3.0.0 Release Notes

Version Release 2.1.0

Released on: 5/4/2020

UI Changes

  • Upon clicking export, user is prompted to switch to Question Bank sheet if it is not the current active sheet.

  • Disabled reset option.

  • User receives warning when trying to set up spreadsheet on an existing question bank.

  • When question has an empty category, question will import into Moodle under the previously selected category.

Other Changes

  • Set up spreadsheet no longer crashes when attempting to delete last remaining visible sheet.

  • Updated code to work with new version of Apps Script v8.


Patch for Version 2.0.0


Reset option has been turned off for the time being.

Version Release 2.0.0

Released on: 3/13/2020

UI Changes

  • Answer specific feedback now supported for multiple choice, short answer, and true/false question types

  • Added feature to auto-generate the spreadsheet template

  • Fixed the reset modal

Other Changes

  • Improved the reset efficiency

  • Improved export error handling

More details available in 2.0.0 Release Notes

Version Release 1.4.0

Released on: 1/31/2020


  • Changed the gray color for unused cells per question type to a lighter shade

  • Added a Reset option in the menu to reset / clear the spreadsheet

  • More details available in 1.4.0 Release Notes

Version Release 1.3.0

Released on: 1/2/2020


  • Grey out unused cells per question type

  • Added error handling when user doesn't have export write permissions to spreadsheet owner’s drive

  • More details available in 1.3.0 Release Notes

Version Release 1.2.1

Released on: 11/13/2019


  • TRUE and FALSE text auto populate in the answer fields.

  • More details available in 1.2.1 Release Notes

Version Release 1.2.0

Released on: 10/17/2019


  • Updated external file locations for:

    • User Documentation

    • Change Log

  • Added Blank Spreadsheet Template link

Version Release 1.1

Released on: 07/31/2019

UI Changes

  • Added ‘Description’ Question Type

  • Removed ‘Visualize’ Link from sidebar

  • Updated ‘Documentation & Templates’ text to include more clear instructions

  • Fixed sidebar image styling to account for image height before loading so user doesn’t have to deal with a “moving” export button

Other Changes

  • Refactored code

  • Updated readme.md to reflect:

    • Description question type

    • Correct name of application

    • Version number


Version Release 1.0

Released on: 07/01/2019

Initial Release

  • 10 Question Types:

    • Multiple Choice

    • Short Answer

    • True / False

    • Ordering

    • PoodLL Recording

    • Essay

    • Matching

    • Drag & Drop into Text

    • Missing Words

    • Cloze

  • Export to Moodle XML file

  • Visualize Moodle XML

  • Link to Documentation and Templates

  • About