CCLE - UCLA's Former Learning Management System

CCLE stands for the Common Collaboration and Learning Environment, and it's a project that multiple parts of UCLA’s campus participate in. The CCLE Shared System hosts a version of the CCLE Moodle server ( and students who are enrolled in Humanities, Life Sciences, Nursing, Public Affairs, Math courses will find their classes there. For students and faculty who are taking Social Science classes, their course ites are hosted on the Social Sciences Division’s (SSC) CCLE ( .

CCLE was started so that we could have a common learning environment for students and faculty.

Whenever you are looking for your class site, it is always best to log into and click on the link to the class site from the Study List (or Class List if you are an instructor), since some courses might not be using the CCLE Shared System or the SSC CCLE System (this is where you would be going to check the official grade for the course, pay tuition as a student, update official contact information, etc.).

Why Moodle?

Moodle is an open-source learning platform that has allowed CCLE to program and adapt to the needs of UCLA students and faculty! With such a large Moodle community, CCLE has the ability to gain collaborative knowledge from small to large institutions using Moodle around the world.