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After clicking the "Save changes" button, the cross-listing will take place immediately (you do not need to wait for cron to run). You can verify this by visiting the primary course site, where you should see active Registrar links for the subordinate course sites in the Course description. In addition, in the Browse By for the affected subject area(s), clicking on the subordinate site(s) will redirect to an error page.

Running Prepopulation (prepop)

A crosslist will occur immediately, but the users will not be populated from the registrar’s office until prepop is run. CCLE runs prepop automatically twice daily, at 5am and at 5pm. You can wait for the system to populate itself, but you can also run prepop manually.

There are two ways to run a pre-pop. The first is via the Admin Panel for a course.

  1. Click on the Admin Panel button for the course.

  2. Choose the “Support” tab.

  3. Select “Run Prepop”.

For the second method, you will need the Moodle course ID for the course. This can be found in the course settings. To find the Moodle course ID, navigate to course for which you are running prepop. Next:

  1. Go to site administration block from within the course

  2. Select “edit settings”

  3. On the Course Settings page, locate the course URL

  4. The last 5 digits of in the course URL is the course ID.


To run prepop:

  1. Go to site administration

  2. Select “reports”

  3. Then “UCLA support console”

  4. Click “User tools” on the new page and then “run prepop for a single course” from the dropdown menu


When cross-listing a site for which the subordinate course sites have already been built, it's imperative to delete those subordinate course sites before proceeding with the cross-listing. The cross-listing will not complete if the SRS number you plug into the UCLA course requester under "Additional sites" is already assigned to a built course site.