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  1. Save the spreadsheet and go back to your Google Sheets.

    1. Open the spreadsheet by clicking: File > Open

      Then drag the file into the box in order to open it.

  2. Set up the spreadsheet again by going to the menu above the spreadsheet like we’ve done before (except now there will be data in the spreadsheet).

    1. Add-ons > (QB)² > Question Bank Quick Builder > Set up (QB)² spreadsheet

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      You will receive a warning about resetting the spreadsheet. This is okay, since the only thing that will be overwritten are the headers in the spreadsheet. Click Ok.

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      The reason for this is that there is currently a bug where the dropdown menus for the categories column won’t link up with the categories sheet. Resetting the spreadsheet quickly fixes this.

  3. You are done! Now that you have loaded your spreadsheet, you can export it as an XML the same was as you normally would with (QB)².